CHECKS - Instant Check Verification - IP Check Processing Solutions - Click here for Demo.

CHECKS is a professional Check Management Company that is committed to developing and leveraging technology to improve operational efficiencies, enhance customer service, and reduced check losses. Recently, CHECKS has merged with InstaChek in Abilene, Texas for greater economies of scale.

Our innovative Instant Check Verification is an IP based check verification solution, developed to allow you to leverage your data networks and/or Broadband Internet connections. Instant Check Verification allows you to reduce communication costs and at the same time improving speed of service by reducing the time required to verify a check at the point of sale to less than one second.

CHECKS is a results driven company. We specialize in identifying specific problems that get in the way of our clients obtaining their check acceptance objectives. After the problems and goals are identified, CHECKS will tailor a Check Acceptance Program to help you reach your goals.

CHECKS was formed by Retailers, CPA's, and Collection Professionals with decades of experience in their prospective fields. Integrity, honesty, and the proven management expertise ensure your desired check objective goals are obtained.